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Paint Your Own Canvas

"Kreative Adventures' paint your own canvas parties are fun and consistently deliver a great time. You really can can learn to paint anywhere- your community center or a local bar or restaurant!"


Jewelry Design Party

“A jewelry design party is a fun, unexpected twist on the traditional crafting party. We were able to get together, have a blast, and make beautiful pieces of jewelry all for less than the cost of buying a piece of jewelry in the store!”

cupcake decorated with toppings

Cupcake Decorating

“Learning to decorate cupcakes with friends was both fun and educational! Not only did we have a great time, we also now know how to make cupcakes that look like they came straight from a bakery.”


Crafting Party

“For our holiday party we chose to have a crafting station! We went to In Home Adventure and booked an art student who was also a seasoned crafter. She came to our party armed with supplies and taught our guests how to make holiday ornaments and wreaths!”


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